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Cancer can affect much more than just your health

On average, costs related to the disease fall within a range of

$120,000 to $140,000


Are you financially prepared to face cancer?


The probabilities of developing cancer are higher than dying in a car accident.

Many of the costs related to cancer treatment are not medical. Among these are: special expenses such as transportation, lodging, regular family expenses, and loss of income due to the inability to work.

In case of developing cancer, the Triple-S Vida Cancer Policy will help you cover the costs that are not covered by a health insurance or any other medical coverage.

Cancer is the leading cause of death in Puerto Rico

el cáncer de prostata

Prostate cancer accounts for 36%, while breast cancer for 30.7%

icono cancer

Over15 thousand new cancer cases in 2018


Cancer and heart disease are the leading causes of death in Puerto Rico, accounting for 17.7% and 17.8%


Over 5,500 deaths reported every year.

The number of people who defeat cancer increases every year

But facing the disease entails much more than the physical and emotional part; it’s about facing an impact on finances and quality of life.

Your health insurance can cover part of the costs of drugs and treatments, but there are many other expenses that may affect you. Necessary medical procedures, such as surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and even stem cell transplants, among others, are expensive.

$150,214,416.71 has been paid out in benefits from our cancer policies over the last 5 years.

122,820 people aided in their battle against cancer.

Facing the news of a cancer diagnosis is difficult, but you don’t have to do it alone.


paid by health insurance $239,286,410


paid by the insured $239,286,410


Did you know?

Insuring you and your family against cancer on a monthly basis costs less than…

icon soltero Individual
icon circulo YOUR POLICY of cancer
icon cine AN OUTING to the cinema
icon soltero con hijos Single parent
icon circulo YOUR POLICY of cancer
icon episodio A PAYMENT of subscription for streaming video
icon parejas Couple
icon circulo YOUR POLICY of cancer
icon refresco A SOFT DRINK or daily bottle of water
icon Familiar Family
icon circulo YOUR POLICY of cancer
icon restaurante AN OUTING to eat in a restaurant
icon adultos People between 66-75 years old
icon circulo YOUR POLICY of cancer
icon café BUYING A COFFEE daily
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