Prepare for tomorrow and give them a safe future

What is it?

What is it?

A Universal Life Policy is a life insurance with flexible premiums and coverage that gives you the opportunity to protect your family financially, while accumulating value for what you want in the future.

For whom?

For whom?

This policy is an attractive alternative for those who want to save for the future. Furthermore, it is flexible so that, as your circumstances and financial needs change, you have the option to increase or decrease the amount of insurance coverage and premiums.

What are the benefits?



It provides family protection, so that your loved ones are not affected financially when you are no longer there, and can cover or pay off education costs, mortgage, medical services, and funeral expenses.

Moreover, the accumulated value may be used to supplement your retirement or pay any other pending debt or expense.



Changes in premium and/or payment method: After the first year of activating this policy, you may request changes to your payment method and the premium amount to be paid, as your needs change.

Insurance coverage changes: After the first year of activating your policy, you may request changes to increase or decrease your insurance coverage, as your needs change.

How is the death benefit paid?


For the entire or part of the death benefit of this policy, the following payment methods will be available:

  • Lump-sum payment
  • Interest payment only
  • Payments for a specific period of time
  • Payments of a specific amount
  • Lifetime income payments

How do I use the accumulated value in my policy?


While the policy is in effect, you may obtain cash through:

icon money


It allows you to obtain guaranteed loans on the available accumulated value.

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*It allows you to make partial withdrawals of the available accumulated value

** In case of getting a loan or making a withdrawal, the policy will remain active until the accumulated cash value is enough to cover the monthly deductions.

The information described here is a brief summary of the policy. The specific details, including conditions, limitations, and exclusions that apply to this insurance are stated in the policy.