Now is the best time to think about life insurance. Your premiums payments could be lower due to your age. 

You’re having a good time and you’re doing great. You’ve graduated, already have a job, an apartment… you’re enjoying life. But, life can bring many surprises, and some of them may not be pleasant, like suffering a disabling injury or a chronic disease. That’s why the best time to think about getting life insurance is now, while you’re healthy. 

We know that at this stage of life, it may seem that saving is something that we can leave for the future, but the future arrives when you least expect it! We also offer IRA account opportunities, so that you are financially ready to lie on a hammock with a piña colada in hand when your retirement comes. The earlier you start to save, the more money you’ll accumulate. 

The life insurance policies recommended to you are: 

  • Level Term
    Life insurance policies of 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30 years, in which the amount of the insurance and the premiums remain the same during the coverage. 
  • Universal Life
    Life insurance that combines value accumulation with protection during your entire life and the convenience of flexible payments.
  • Cancer and Dreaded diseases
    There are over 200 types of cancer. Complement your health insurance so that your only concern is getting better. 
  • Disability
    We have a series of policies that include disability coverage.
  • IRA and Annuities
    Start planning your retirement with our competitive alternatives.
  • Heart
    A policy specially designed for the Puerto Rican market.

The information described here is a brief summary of the policy. The specific details, including conditions, limitations, and exclusions that apply to this insurance are stated in the policy.

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