As an employer, you may have the need to protect your employees. A disability insurance is a way to provide them with financial protection. Associates or employees will see it as an additional benefit.

Triple-S Vida insurance policies offer benefits to employees with short- or long-term disabilities. It also provides benefits if the employee resumes work but cannot fully perform the functions that they used to before the loss.

We also have policies available for companies of all sizes. From groups of 3 to 9 employees, to companies with 10 employees or more, considering their needs.

    This insurance provides payment of benefits to workers who have lost their income as a result of an accident or disease not related to their work or a car accident
    Our product designed for groups exempt from Law 139 (SINOT)

2 benefits of the disability coverage

  • Short- and long-term – Your employee could be covered regardless of whether they have a short- or long-term disability. We include benefits in case an employee returns to work but is unable to perform all their functions.
  • Additional services – Our coverages include additional benefits to help an employee return to their work life.
  • The information described here is a brief summary of the policy. The specific details including conditions, limitations and exclusions that apply to this insurance are set out in the policy.

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Amount paid in claims for May 2024: $7,591,616.99.


People we have helped in their battle against cancer: 177,284.

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