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Developing and maintaining your business relationship with Triple-S Vida offers many advantages. Our company gives you the security that you are looking for yourself and those that you insure. Triple-S Vida has the financial soundness, prestige, and recognition you need to support your business. You can reach a more demanding public and offer coverage for all their needs, as we have the widest variety of products in the market. To be closer to our insureds, we have 25 district offices across the island, and our Central Office in Río Piedras.

If you are an Authorized Representative or Funeral Director, you know that counting on Grupo Triple-S’s support means having the support of the leading company in the industry.

Authorized Representative

By working with Triple-S Vida, you will be helping families reach the financial security that they need and protect them in case of death, disease, or disability. We know the immense value that your relationship with your clients and providing a service of excellence means to you. Trust the reliability, quality, and variety of Triple-S Vida’s insurance products and services.

Reasons for which it is beneficial for an Authorized Insurance Representative to choose to work with Triple-S Vida.
  • 1. Brand Recognition: With over 50 years serving Puerto Rico, Triple-S Vida is recognized for its financial soundness and business ethics.
  • 2. Advertisement Support: Triple-S Vida invests in advertising for all its products, increasing market exposure, and contributing to our products being favored over those of the competition.
  • 3. Health Insurance for our Authorized Representatives who maintain a minimum productionwith reasonable contribution requirement.
  • 4. Convention travel around the world with exotic destinations for the representative and their companion.
  • 5. President’s Club Distinction for those who give the extra mile. They are recognized with additional prizes or travels, in addition to a distinction.
  • 6. Mini convention travel to great places for the representative and their companion.
  • 7. Sales contests to keep you motivated.
  • 8. Seminars and trainings for product and skills development.
  • 9. Preparation courses for licenses issued by the Commissioner of Insurance.
  • 10. Appealing commissions, paid daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • 11. Sales application for Windows, Android and iOS devices through which you may process your requests in a quick, secure, and efficient way, as well as speed up the issuance process, and thus, the payment of commissions.
  • 12. Insurance license financing
  • 13. Customized web page with the capacity to generate referrals. Create yours here. If you already have a customized web page, administer your referrals here.
  • 14. Access to web page to administer your Triple-S Vida portfolio.
  • 15. Access to the Sales Administration portal.

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Funeral Directors

Being an Authorized Funeral Director with Triple-S Vida means that you are maximizing the opportunities to do business, as we have the widest funerary plan portfolio in the market. You have the advantage of filing claims through email or fax, and you may receive payment through direct deposit to your bank account. As part of our funeral home directory, you will have at your disposal multiple online tools to do your daily work quicker and efficiently:

  • Insured’s Information
  • Benefit Coverage
  • Policy Amount
  • Loan Balance
  • Claim Status
  • Claim Forms

Complete the admission application as Authorized Funeral Director and become an Authorized Funeral Director with Triple-S Vida.

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Amount paid in claims for January 2024: $8,556,746.94.


People we have helped in their battle against cancer: 173,057.

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