You’re comfortable with having a house, a car, and sufficient income to live at ease. However, your children depend on you, so ensure their peace of mind in case of an unexpected event. 

Your main concerns are your children’s wellbeing and their future. You see yourself there, along with them in the most important stages of their lives. But, have you thought of how you’ll get there? Have you thought of insuring them in case something happens to you? Life can throw many curve balls at us and we must be ready to deal with them. Triple-S Vida offers policies that cover life insurance for your children and disability income. We also offer cancer and heart policies to help with medical expenses for these expensive diseases.

Also, are you already thinking of your retirement? Regardless of your age, it is important that you start saving to fulfill those retirement dreams. If you want to go on vacation with your grandchildren and spoil them, your wallet must be ready. For this, we also have IRA accounts that help you complement your Social Security income, so that you have a more comfortable retirement. 

The life insurance policies recommended to you are: 

  • Level Term
    Life insurance policies of 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30 years, in which the amount of the insurance and the premiums remain the same during the coverage. 
  • Universal Life 
    Life insurance that combines value accumulation with protection during your entire life and the convenience of flexible payments. 
  • Cancer 
    There are over 200 types of cancer. Complement your health insurance so that your only concern is getting better. 
  • Disability 
    We have a series of policies that include disability coverage. 
  • Funeral
    We have three coverage options for final expenses that help you plan for that moment. 
  • Accidental Death 
    A product that will afford you additional protection when accidents result in the loss of life. 

The information provided here is a brief summary of the policy. The specific details, including conditions, limitations, and exclusions that apply to this insurance are stated in the policy.

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Amount paid in claims for March 2024: $6,836,309.24.


People we have helped in their battle against cancer: 175,133.

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