Triple-S Vida’s group cancer coverage pays benefits to help cover the costs of cancer treatment and expenses related to over 15 dreaded diseases.

Cancer is a disease that we are all at risk of, but with early detection and treatment, it’s possible to survive and lead a fulfilling life. But what about the expenses? Commonly required medical procedures include surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and more recently, advanced treatments like stem cell transplants. All these measures are costly and may not be covered by the company’s or employee’s health insurance. Other treatment-related costs are non-medical, including transportation, accommodation, loss of income due to inability to work, among others.

That’s why Triple-S Vida offers policies with the best benefits as a supplement to the medical plan to help cover your financial needs in case an employee suffers from cancer.

Cancer and Dreaded Illnesses

Single Payment Cancer

The information described here is a brief summary of the policy. The specific details including conditions, limitations and exclusions that apply to this insurance are set out in the policy.


Amount paid in claims for May 2024: $7,591,616.99.


People we have helped in their battle against cancer: 177,284.

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