Disability Rider

Have you thought of the impact that a disability can have in your life? 

Maybe you’re starting your professional career or perhaps planning for that home you and your partner have dreamed of. A disability may have a drastic impact on your capability to fulfill your financial obligations.

Triple-S Vida has a series of policies that include disability coverage. These include: 


Life insurance policies of 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30 years, in which the amount of the insurance and the premiums remain the same during the coverage. 

Universal Life 

Life insurance that combines value accumulation with protection during your entire life and the convenience of flexible payments.

Cancer and Dreaded Diseases

There are over 200 types of cancer. Complement your health insurance so that your only concern is getting better. 

The information described here is a brief summary of the policy. The specific details including conditions, limitations and exclusions that apply to this insurance are set out in the policy.