We offer the following options so that you may obtain the status of your claim quickly. 

    • Portal www.sssvida.com

      In addition to check the status of a complaint, you can also see additional information concerning your policy such as: Your Contact Information, Coverage Date, Billing, Payment History, Value Balance, Loans, and Sent Documents.

      Portal Mi Triple-S Vida App

      You can make your payments quickly and securely through our Mi Triple-S Vida App

      Portal (787) 758-4888

      Pay easily through WhatsApp 787-758-4888.


      Submit your claims via the link My Account in the Submit a Claim section

    • IVR (787) 758-4888

      Here you can also check information about your Payments, Policy Value Balance, and Loans, among other services.


Amount paid in claims for May 2024: $7,591,616.99.


People we have helped in their battle against cancer: 177,284.

Need to talk to us?

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  • Help you sign up for our health plans