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Why is a death benefit deposited with a court?

  • When the beneficiaries are minors
  • If there is no Designation of Beneficiaries and there is a widow(er), but you fail to submit a marriage certificate or declaration of heirs that certifies the widow(er)’s usufruct
  • The beneficiaries are not capable of managing funds
  • The beneficiaries die before the insured and no declaration of heirs is submitted
  • The beneficiaries die at the same time and it is not possible to determine who died first
  • If the beneficiaries’ whereabouts are unknown
  • If there is more than one Designation of Beneficiaries
  • More than one person is claiming benefits
  • Total of the distribution indicated in the designation does not add up to 100% of the coverage
  • It is not possible to determine whether the beneficiaries came of legal age
  • Beneficiaries are suspects of the insured’s death
  • An accidental coverage is claimed and a determination cannot be issued as to whether the death was self-inflicted

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