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Voluntary Insurance for Chauffeurs

Employees that are chauffeurs are covered by the Social Security for Chauffeurs and not by SINOT.

The employer may seek a voluntary insurance for chauffeurs under SINOT’s policy. The primary plan of these employees will continue to be the Social Security for Chauffeurs, but will also be covered under SINOT. The employer and employees must issue their contributions for both programs: Social Security for Chauffeurs and SINOT.

In these cases, the insured may file claims to both programs in case of loss, and both benefits will be paid, if approved.

Voluntary insurance applications to insure chauffeur employees may be processed at any time of the year. Upon approval of said application, the plan will be modified to include chauffeurs.

Employers with a private plan in force that includes chauffeurs, interested in changing insurer and that their chauffeurs continue receiving this benefit, need not apply for the voluntary insurance again. Voluntary coverage is transferred to the new plan with the new insurer.

Once the voluntary insurance is approved, it will be in force for at least two years before you can request its cancellation. Once approved, it cannot be canceled until its term ends.
Once the private plan is modified to include chauffeur employees, said decision will remain in effect while the voluntary insurance is in force. The process to voluntarily adopt the SINOT provisions corresponds to the employer. In said decisions, the employer is the stakeholder and not the insurer.

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